What our Customers say...


I had a flood at my house in the middle of the night due to my toilet overflowing. I called SERVPRO of Ventura and they came to my house within an hour. They extracted the standing water put some equipment in place. The technicians were great, they answered all my questions. Great customer service. They dried out the rooms in 3 days!

I found mold in my bathroom, and I called SERVPRO of Ventura. The receptionist was very professional and scheduled an appointment with me right away. They worked around my schedule and got rid of the mold right away. I could not have asked for better service.

I had blood all over my bathroom floors, mirror, and carpet from my dog that was bleeding in the middle of the night. I looked up on google on who would clean this up for me. SERVPRO of Ventura came up, and I called them right away. They gave me such a reasonable price and did the job right away. The next day the job was done, and I didn't see any blood on the carpets or anywhere else. Definitely recommending SERVPRO of Ventura.

I had renters that just moved out of my house. The house was filthy and my friend referred me to SERVPRO of Ventura. They came within an hour to give me an estimate, after checking out the house. I accepted the price right away, and they did the job a day after. The house was spotless within three days! They will be my first and only call!

My teenage daughter forgot to turn off the stove while I was work and she left for a couple of hours. When I got home, my kitchen was on fire, and I had to call 911. Good thing, it was only the kitchen that was on fire. One of the firefighters told me to call SERVPRO of Ventura to clean this up for me. When I called them, they told me they would be there in thirty minutes. They started right away. Within a week, my kitchen looked brand new.

They were very responsive and very pragmatic in how they went about pricing and doing the job. Other bids I received were loaded to the hilt and would have cost 4 times what was appropriate for the perceived damage. It turned out I only needed preventive measures that were common sense that the layman would understand.. There crew was always on-time, knowledgeable and thorough and did not try to sell excess procedures. They also do not do reconstruction and avoid a conflict of interest.

Very professional! They take the fear out of water damage and mold. When our 2 year old son poured copious amounts of water onto our bathroom floor - resulting in water out into the hall, under the carpet the tile and down the walls to the first floor - they were able to come out the same day, accurately assess the extent of the damage and start drying it out.

I would recommend SERVPRO to anyone who has suffered a loss due to fire. Complete professionals and service beyond what's needed. Management and staff was and is very helpful helped me with my claim itemization after their part was complete/paid. Thanks so much!