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11/29/2021 (Permalink)

water damage gym ventura California water damage gym ventura California

Gyms and athletic facilities serve thousands of people every day. When one of these facilities is hit by a flood or natural disaster, the gym must close until appropriate restoration services are complete.

Water can damage the structural integrity and functionality of a hardwood gym floor. A damaged gym can’t offer the same levels of comfort and protection players are used to. Floors becomes distorted and loses its polished.

What Causes Gym Floor Water Damage?

Excessive moisture may seep into wooded courts from a number of common sources. Wet mopping, especially along gaps in the floorboards, allows water to access the undersides of the flooring. High relative humidity levels as well as surface moisture also contribute to water damaged gym floors. Disasters like burst pipes and floods can lead to a damaged gym floor in your sports facility.

When disaster strikes, it’s important to immediately clean up spills and water from your gym floor. A quick fix will prevent water from seeping down in between and destroying your floor entirely.

Why do Gym floors warp after water damage?

When wooden floorboards absorb moisture, the wood both expands and contracts. Cupping and crowning are two potential outcomes of excessive and prolonged moisture penetrating the hardwood court. Once wood undergoes expansion, it will fail to return its original position.

Cupping is when the edges are forced to expand upward. Crowning causes the floor to expand in the center due to imbalance in moisture content.

How can cupping and crowning be fixed?

Dehumidify the area to reduce the moisture content in the wooden floorboards, Place multiple large fans and blowers in the gym, taking care to direct the air toward the water damaged areas. Dehumidification will dry the concrete under the wood but will do little to salvage the wood.

Restoring a water damaged gym floor will depend on the severity of the situation. In some case, if the water damage has only occurred in a small area, you can replace it and sand the floor to ensure uniformity.

SERVPRO of Ventura professionals has years of experience when it comes to water damage restoration. They know what to look for to identify the full extent of the damage. They have proper equipment and knowledge to handle tasks. From water damage to commercial restoration, we have qualified trained professionals who are ready to respond. You can assure your property is in the best hands.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911.

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