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10/2/2020 (Permalink)

Common Mold Myths Mold Remediation Removal Services Ventura, California


Mold is generally not anyone’s friend. Mentioning the word mold can send people into state of panic. Mold can be a serious problem. But sometimes misinformation about mold, it is easy to overreact. You can make good decisions when dealing with mold in your home by separating facts from myths. Here are facts about mold that many really didn’t know.

Mold Misinterpretation #1: All Mold Is Bad

Mold contributes to the cheese’s robust flavor. It is also used in the fermentation process of certain wines, and the pharmaceutical industry uses certain forms of it to develop powerful antibiotics.

Mold Misinterpretation #2: Bleach Kills Mold

Bleach is also able to kill mold spores, but it cannot penetrate deep into porous surfaces. As such, it can only kill mold on surfaces. It should be noted that using bleach to “kill” mold poses its own health risks and is not a recommended solution by EPA or OSHA.

Mold Misinterpretation #3: There Should Be No Mold Inside

Mold is all around us and is very natural. There are mold spores in the air you are breathing. Mold inside your home is not really much problem but it’s the concentration of mold inside the house. Mold should not be growing in your walls or on surfaces as that can be a problem and contribute to allergic reactions.

Mold Misinterpretation #4: All Mold Causes Health Problems

Mold certainly can cause health effects, but it is not true that all molds cause health problems in all people. Mold produce allergens and some people are allergic to the allergens, but not everyone will react to the allergens caused by mold.

Mold Misinterpretation #5: Killing Mold is Enough

You might think that killing the mold that is growing on your wall would end all of your mold damage problems. The mold also has a high chance of coming back if the source of the mold growth has not been dealt with. Care must be taken when removing the affected areas. Professional mold remediation services are often necessary to properly fix a mold problem.

If your home or building is dealing with mold, SERVPRO of Ventura offers full mold remediation services. By using full containment procedures and utilizing air scrubbers and negative air machines, mold growth and mold spores are carefully removed and the area effectively cleaned.

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