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Fire is fast, in less than seconds a small flame can turn into a major fire. In just two minutes, a fire can become life-threatening. Smoke and toxic gases kill more people.

House fires are more common, with potential fire starters like light bulbs, laptops, and lint traps hiding in plain sight throughout your home, disguised as harmless.

Some things we ignore can lead to incidence of house fires.

  1. Dirty Rags

A pile of oil – soaked rag when left unattended are very real fire hazard, as they could oxidize and spontaneously combust, causing a house fire.

  1. Electric Blanket

A warm and cozy electric blanket can comfort in the cold weather, but it also poses a potential fire hazard if used improperly. Extra covers over the blanket could buildup excessive heat and may lead to fire.

  1. Ignoring Appliance Recalls

In the last 10 years, home appliances caused an estimated 150,000 fires, and a significant number of these were caused by defective appliances. If you happen to own one of those, replace I immediately.

  1. Dryer Lint

Accumulation of loose threads and other tiny textile could lead to fire during excessive heat buildup. Clean the dryer vent and exhaust duct regularly, to clear away lint and clogs, and reduce the risk of fire.

  1. Overheated Laptops

Laptop is one electronic device we ignore a lot of time. When you leave it on your bed, couch, rug, or other soft, flammable surface, you run the risk of restricting airflow through the cooling vents, which can cause your laptop to overheat and possibly catch fire.

  1. Wrong light bulb wattage

Installing a light bulb with a wattage that is too high for a lamp or light fixture is a leading cause of electrical fires. Always check the light fixture’s maximum wattage, and never go over the recommended rating.

  1. Using Many Extension Cords

Connecting a large number of cords for a significant amount of time can cause an overload that leads to a short circuit and result in a fire. Hire a qualified electrician to install power outlets.

  1. Leaving Candles Unattended

Candles add ambiance and aroma to the house, but their soft glow can grow into a blaze if left to burn unsupervised. A draft could cause the flame to flare up and ignite nearby flammable items.

  1. Smoking Indoors

The embers of an improperly extinguished cigarette can interact with other nearby flammable items and start a fire. To avoid fire, only smoke outside, and be sure to pour water on cigarette ashes and butts before tossing them in the trash.

  1. Ignoring Loose-Fitting Plugs

A loose electrical outlet has the potential to ignite a fire behind the wall. If you notice any loose electrical outlets in your home, make sure they’re replaced immediately.

While it is impossible to completely prevent fire, be sure to always have the phone number of a fire damage restoration company on hand. Please call us SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911.


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Removing water is just the first step in drying water damage. It can take days or even weeks to dry walls, carpets and other materials. Trapped moisture within a wall cavity can lead to the growth of bacteria. Microbial growth will occur if allowed to remain wet for extended periods of time from your home. To let the trapped moisture escape, you should open windows and doors and it would be wise to use a dehumidifier to reduce the moisture content of the air and help things dry more quickly, especially in closed areas.

A dehumidifier is an electrical appliance which reduces and maintains the level of humidity in the air, usually for health or comfort reasons, or to eliminate musty odors and to prevent the growth of mildew by extracting water from the air. It can be used for household, commercial, or industrial applications.

Here are several reasons why a humidifier is important:

  1. Mold Prevention

Every homeowner's mold is a nightmare. Moist, damp air is the ideal environment for mold and a dehumidifier can remove the moisture while preventing new mold from growing.

  1. Improve Air Quality

The quality of air in your home is not only measured in the amount of toxins that you may or may not be breathing in, but also by the humidity levels of the air itself. A dehumidifier cleanses the air of harmful substances and plays an important role in improving your indoor air quality.

  1. Protects Your Home

High humidity levels can destroy your home structure. Moisture can affect the wood in your home, including the support beams, causing them to crack or split. Mold can grow in the wall. Metal fittings may start to rust. All these might happen because of too much humidity.  A dehumidifier is a way to prevent your home from deteriorating, while creating a healthier living environment for your family.

  1. Drains Continuously

Dehumidifiers are essential for drying out a home in a warm or hot environment after a flood. Dehumidifiers have a large reservoir capacity, allowing for continuous drainage which can reduce user maintenance, as well as provide continual dehumidification for your space.

Don’t let yourself suffer. Getting a dehumidifier can help you live a healthier and happier life, it is also important to consult experts in water damage and disaster restoration. If you need a local restoration company that will protect your home, Call SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911. We have a 24/7 Hotline. 


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Flood is one of the most dangerous natural disasters. It can occur almost any time of the year. It happens when excessive water is collected in any area. It usually happens due to heavy rainfall. Some regions face flooding becomes more of a concern because of melting of snow and thunderstorm.  In other reason, when there is a dam that breaks down. Whatever the cause may be, it is equally dangerous. It has a lot of harmful consequences.

When excess water accumulates around your home, your garage is one of the first areas that can get flooded, possibly causing thousands of dollars in damage.

 Here are a few tips to protect your garage from flooding:

  1. Enhance Your Drainage

When the street gutters and drains are overwhelmed with flood water, your home is vulnerable to flooding. It is important to have adequate drainage on your property.  Install French drains along your driveway that can transport excess water away from your home’s foundation.

  1. Check Your Foundation Around Your Driveway and Garage

Some cracks that provide a space for water to seep could make your home more vulnerable to flooding. Inspect your foundation for cracks and seal them with waterproof paint or a vinyl concrete patch. Call a professional if there is a larger crack.

  1. Replace Your Garage Door Weather-Stripping

Weather-stripping provides protection against water intrusion and helps maintain the temperature in your garage. The seal at the bottom of your garage door is enough to protect your garage against minor flooding.

  1. Install a Barrier in Front of Your Garage Door

Flood barriers around your property act as short dams that expand when in contact with water and help stop low-level flooding efficiently. Sandbags can direct water away from your home.

  1. Install flood vents

During a severe storm, the chance of flooding is increased and your garage door usually can’t withstand the force exerted by powerful floodwaters. Installing vents in your garage will make the draining process easier and faster in the unfortunate event that water does enter your garage.

Flooding in a garage is something we do not wish for but unfortunately, it can happen even when we prepare for the worst.

Don’t Forget to Talk to a Professional

Talk to a professional about more ways you can flood-proof your home. If you need a local restoration company that will protect your home and garage, Call SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911. We have a 24/7 Hotline.


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SERVPRO equipment SERVPRO of Ventura is a trusted leader in the restoration industry, and our highly trained technicians provide 24-hour emergency service.


Water damage can range from the very mild to disastrous. When it rains heavily or snow melts quickly, the risk of this type of damage increases. It is a problem that most property owners dread. Water can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage by damaging wood furniture, upholstery, electronics, household appliances, and plumbing equipment. Water damage also increases the risk of mold growth, which is a very expensive problem to remediate. When facing water damage, professional assistance can be a huge help in both restoring your home.


  1. Assistance

A professional water restoration company will help you explain the situation. SERVPRO of Ventura will guide you through details you need help you communicate with your insurance provider. This will help you remove a big burden and will provide you a much easier process.

  1. Expediency

When it comes to water damage, time is very important. SERVPRO of Ventura will response within the first 24 hours. This helps to avoid further harm being done to your home. Quick response will help you save not only your home but your belongings inside as well.

  1. Damage

Sometimes water damage is unavoidable, and you can’t get back to your home immediately. Water damage is a serious problem that you anticipated. SERVPRO of Ventura restoration company can put together a step-by-step plan, and you can go back to your home as soon as possible.

  1. Remediation

This is one of the most important steps. Remediation will avoid future problems, and also serious health concern.

  1. Care

SERVPRO of Ventura is a reputable water restoration company that care for your family. From the initial assessment to the day that you’re actually able to return to your home. They will assist you and guide every step of the way.

SERVPRO of Ventura provides 24-hour emergency service and is dedicated to being faster to any size disaster. Our highly trained technicians can respond immediately to your residential or commercial emergency.

Water damage may occur, even when precautions are taken. It is important to hire one of these water damage restoration companies as soon as possible after water damage occurs. If you need a local restoration company, Call SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911. We have a 24/7 Hotline.


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Beautiful Home Beautiful Home Ventura, California


Hardwood flooring is a beautiful. Home owners prefer to have this floor at home. Unfortunately, this is prone to water damage.

Here are causes of hardwood floor water damage:

  1. Leaky roof spilling onto the floor
  2. High humidity in the home
  3. Spills that aren’t cleaned immediately
  4. Tracking rain or snow into your home
  5. Tracking swimming pool water into the home
  6. splashes from water

Any source of water can damage your floor. If you notice water on your floor, you should seek to clean it thoroughly. Otherwise, the hardwood will absorb the water.

There are many ways to protect your floor

  1. Take precautions to protect your floor from typical sources of water like a splash from the kitchen sink or wet boots coming in from the outdoors by placing absorbent mats where water is an issue. Use a silicone mat, or a silicone backed mat, to prevent soaking through.
  2. Place towels down temporarily when you expect water from a pool, rain, or another temporary source of water.
  3. If you have children who frequently spill, it might be wiser to have them eat away from the hardwood
  4. If the water stains are white spots on your flooring, they are simple to remove. Use your floor’s polish and rub the stain away gently with a soft cotton cloth.
  5. Dry the floor naturally and slowly with fans and plenty of airflow through the space. Open windows and doors (unless the outdoor air is more humid than the indoor air), and run fans to move air through the space.
  6. Laminate flooring. This material is highly vulnerable to water damage and swells when it gets soaked

If you have significant damage, or if you have a particularly valuable hardwood floor, it’s wise to work with a professional to get it repaired. A restoration company can help you replace boards that are perfectly matched with your existing floor. Call SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911. We have a 24/7 Hotline.


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Water damage is one of the problems of home owners. When it rains heavily or snow melts quickly, the risk of this type of damage increases. Water damage also increases the risk of mold growth, which is a very expensive problem to remediate. Water can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage by damaging properties. Too much water can lead to minor problems such as water in basement areas, or it can lead to the destruction of homes.

Here are tips to keep your home safe and well maintained.

  1. Disconnect hoses

 Standing water in a hose may freeze back into the pipe. It is best to stop your water flow.

  1. Clean gutters and downspouts

Clean your gutters at least twice a year to avoid blockage and ice dams. Standing water can cause damage to your gutters and roof, and unmanaged overflow may create puddles.

  1. Know your water main: Know the location of your water main, and shut it off if you leave for an extended amount of time.
  2. Investigate leaks right away and fix.

If you ignore water damage, you significantly increase the likelihood for mold, mildew, dry rot, or even structural damage to your home.

  1. Check your water pressure

 If the water pressure to your home is set too high, pipes and hoses may fail under the pressure. Buy a water pressure gauge at a local hardware store, attach it to an outside faucet, and turn the faucet to full force.

  1. Upgrade washing machine hoses

Old washing machine hoses are among the most frequent causes of water loss for homeowners.

  1. Install water detection devices

 A water detector is a small electronic device that sounds an alarm when its sensor comes in contact with moisture.

Water damage may occur, even when precautions are taken. It is important to hire one of these water damage restoration companies as soon as possible after water damage occurs. If you need a local restoration company, Call SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911. We have a 24/7 Hotline.


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Spring weather is unpredictable. The risk of injury and death increases when severe weather hits. Prepare for storms, floods, and tornadoes for you know in advance they are coming.

Spring is the time of year when weather changes. Temperatures can swing back and forth between balmy and frigid. Thunderstorms cause most of the severe spring weather. They can bring lightning, tornadoes, and flooding. Whenever warm, moist air collides with cool, dry air, thunderstorms can occur.

Advance planning for thunderstorms, lightning, tornadoes, and floods requires specific safety precautions. You can follow many of the same steps that you would for all extreme weather events.

  1. Evaluate the exterior

Your home is designed to shelter you from the weather. To keep it in tip-top condition, do regular walk-a rounds and inspect for weaknesses. Keep an eye out for the following things:

  • Loose shingles that look rippled or ones that have already fallen to the ground.
  • Check the siding to see if it’s firmly in place.
  • Tree branches extending over your house or dead branches that could fall in a storm.
  • Note loose patio furniture and décor that should be secured or pulled inside when a storm comes.
  • Gutters should be firmly attached and all downspouts need to be in place.
  • Check to see if your fence needs repair.
  1. Clean gutters and downspouts

Gutter cleaning should be part of your spring and fall home maintenance routine. This proactive habit keeps water run-off away from your home and helps prevent flooding. It also gives you the opportunity to inspect your rain gutters for leaks and sagging.

  1. Check your sump pump.

Rain will cause risk of flooding. If you have a sump pump, it’s a great idea to run through an annual sump pump maintenance list.

  1. Inspect leaks

If you’ve had leaks in the past, it’s best to take care of them now before more damage to prevent flooding.

Storms occur with little warning and can be especially devastating, so you’ll need the company that you can trust to rise to the occasion. If you need a local restoration company, Call SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911. We have a 24/7 Hotline.


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A wet and dry vacuum cleaner is used to clean up spillages and wet debris, as well as dry dust and dirt. The waste is sucked into a bucket system rather than a bag then separates the liquids from the solids into separate chambers, making suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Having a wet-dry vacuum in your house is a very good replacement to mop. Since it can suck up water, a wet vacuum can be used to clean up water spills and minor flooded areas.

Here are the advantages of using of using a wet and dry vacuum cleaner:

  1. Dispose of Liquids

You do not need to lift any heavy tanks to remove the collected materials or spills because these vacuums are equipped with easy to use disposal units. The drain hoses that are attached allow disposal of liquid and collected debris can be removed by lifting the lid of the collector.

  1. Power

Wet-dry vacuums have very powerful lifting and suction capabilities. It is very efficient and effective against the removal of both liquid and dust particles. Since they come with a separate tub or collector that contains fixed motors, wet-dry vacuums, have easy storage facilities for the collected liquids or debris.

  1. Versatility

 It can be used for right about any cleaning task: it can pick up small to large amounts of debris; clean up wet spills; inflate mattresses and pool toys; retrieve items from a sink or unclog a pipe; it can clean out your fireplace or wood stove and remove snow from pathways. It is a powerful tool that can replace many traditional tool like air pumps, mops, brooms and spades.

  1. Size

Wet dry vacuums come in a very good range of sizes varying between the 1/2 to 15-gallon capacity and with up to a 3 stage motor capacity.

  1. Affordable

Modern handheld wet and dry vacuum cleaners are more affordable than the traditional cleaners used for commercial purposes. They also tend to be more economical than regular cleaners as they provide additional benefits for the same price.

  1. Commercial and Domestic purposes

More professional and bulky Wet and dry vacuum cleaners are used in offices and other areas of business like car washing and couch cleaning services.


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It’s not easy to go without hot water especially when the seasons change and weather becomes cold.
Like other appliance in your house, water heaters fail. And that can lead to cold showers — or even
worse, a water leak. A burst water heater is a nightmare scenario for any homeowner.
Standard water heaters contain up to 40-120 gallons of water, so when one unexpectedly leaks or bursts
it can cause an immense amount of water damage. If pressure builds up in the tank you’ve essentially
got a ticking time bomb in your house waiting to explode.
Wondering why your water heater is failing? Here are some of the reasons – and what you can do help
prevent a failure:
1. Internal rust
They typically last several years, but it’s a good idea to check your anode rods every year – or bring in a
professional to take a look. If they look worn down, it’s time to replace them.
2. Sediment buildup
When water is heated, mineral deposits separate and settle onto the bottom of your water heater tank.
Flush your water heater at least once a year.
3. High water pressure
Water pressure that’s too high can damage your water heater, as well as your pipes and other
appliances. Keep the water pressure on your heater no higher than 80 psi, and consider replacing your
temperature and pressure (T&P) relief valve.
4. Corrosive fumes
Problems can occur if the air quality is poor. Especially dangerous is corrosive air, which can corrode
your tank and lead to water heater failure. Keep corrosive substances like ammonia and bleach far away
from your water heater.
5. Wrong size heater
Water heaters come in a variety of sizes to accommodate the water usage of all the people and
appliances in your home.
6. Old age
Water heaters typically last about 8 to 12 years. If your water heater is old, consider replacing it with a
newer, more energy-efficient mode
Don’t let an overflowing water heater turn your home into a water park. If you notice your water heater
is on the fritz, call water damage specialists immediately. Please call us SERVPRO of Ventura at (805)


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Spring break is approaching, giving us a little taste of what summer will have in store for us. With only a
couple more months left, we are becoming more and more anxious towards the day where we could
finally enjoy more of those outdoor activities.
We truly cannot wait to say goodbye to winter and hello to summer. However, like winter, there are a
number of risks that are associated with house fires during this time of year. While we should not be too
worried about these occurring on our property, we will always be aware that accidents can still happen
during the spring and summer season.
Here are tips for preventing traditional fires within your home.
1. Outdoor Electrical Outlets
Keep in mind not to overload the circuit outlets to use outside machinery and equipment; you will want
to keep the watt usage at or below 1500. The temperatures outside are warmer. If it is warm or too hot
to touch, be sure to turn unplug them for at least 15 minutes between each use. This ensures that it will
not become overheated or cause a property fire.
2. Fuel Containers
Be sure to throw away gas or paint cans that have a leak immediately. If there is any gas or other
flammable material on your yard, be sure to have it removed or cleaned right away, especially during
hotter temperatures.
3. Grilling
As sparks can fly or flames can shoot out when using too much fuel, always take proper precautions. Not
only can this cause severe property damage, it can also cause serious injuries.
4. Dryers
The biggest issue in the spring and summer time, however, is that it may be used more often during this
time of year.
5. Inspect the Fire Extinguisher
Be sure that it is in working condition and everyone knows its location. Taking a few minutes now to
make sure it works can save you weeks in repair time in the future.
6. Lightning
As thunderstorms are no stranger during the springtime, lightning is one of the most common causes of
property fires. While it is impossible to completely prevent lightning from striking a chimney or roof of a
home, be sure to always have the phone number of a fire damage restoration company on hand.
Please call us SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911.