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Mold Damage in Ventura California Mold Damage in Ventura California


Mold are fungus that have different types. They can occur both indoors and outdoors. They produce spores, which spread by floating around in the air. They can grow on variety of surfaces, including fabric, papers, wood, glass and plastic. Molds eat the materials they grow on; those materials end up damaged or degraded.

It is crucial to prevent mold infestations in your home or commercial building. However, you cannot do it by preventing moisture alone. Mold is unable to digest inorganic materials such as concrete, glass and metal, but it can digest and grow on the dirt, dust and organic residue that accumulates on them, so it is important to clean your home or business regularly.

  1. General Surfaces

Mold feeds on any organic material around. Dust is one of these prominent, which is composed of bacteria, dead skin cells, soil and more. Dust gathers on surface that is not cleaned regularly. Regular cleaning of the entire location is important. Target obvious surfaces and tight corners where dust accumulates.

  1. Air Vents

The best way to prevent mold air in your air duct is to keep the HVAC ducts clean. When your ducts go a long time without being cleaned, mold can begin to build up and impact home’s air quality for the worse. When it comes to cleaning your ducts, contact HVAC professional.

  1. Carpets and Rugs

Carpeting is an area of the home that can be at risk for mold growth, Mold needs moisture, oxygen, a food source and a surface to grow on. If spores land on a wet or damp area that contains dust, mold growth will follow. Carpets and rugs can provide an ample breeding ground for mold if conditions are right. Prevent mold growth with dedicated carpet cleaning and vacuuming. Place mats in each entrance to reduce carpet contamination.

If you think that your home or business needs some CLEANING, we at SERVPRO of Ventura  are here to help. Call us at (805) 656-3911. All of our cleanup practices are in accordance with the guidelines provided by the CDC and local authorities.


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Water Damage Ventura Consultation with SERVPRO Professionals Water Damage Ventura County


When a home suffers severe water damage, a professional should be called immediately. Water will quickly spread and cause damage, as porous building materials and furnishing absorbs the excess and moisture in your property. The more they absorb, the more damage will suffer. Moisture is also the deal condition for the growth of molds, bacteria, viruses and encourages the presence of pests such as rodents and insects. The pathogens become higher if the moisture is contaminated such as flood water or sewage backflow. Engineering controls are example of how organizations can improve the efficiency of repair. Creating containment can involve erecting tents and sealing off certain areas. A decontamination chamber can be installed to prevent waste from being spread form room to another.

  • HVAC systems are switched off with both return and supply sides over with a polyethylene sheet
  • Solid waste is sealed in thick polyethylene bags for transportation out of the property
  • Negative air pressure can prevent airborne contaminants

SERVPRO of Ventura provide a comprehensive approach for the restoration and recovery your damaged home after a water disaster. Our team consists of contractors and skilled technicians accredited from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

If you have any questions about water damage or you had a water damage emergency in Ventura County, please do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911.


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Servpro of Ventura Equipment at Water Damage job in Ventura california COMMON PROPERTY RESTORATION MYTHS


There have been plenty of misconception regarding restoration procedures throughout the years. These theories may have been true in the past when the technology wasn’t as advanced. However, professional restoration companies see beyond these misconceptions and apply the right course of action in mitigating and restoring damages. If a property owner doesn’t take the right action due to these misconceptions, they could end up dealing with more severe damage which is avoidable. Here are the common property myths and truth behind them.

Myth 1: Replacing costs less than restoring

Restoration services like mitigation and cleaning contents are most cost – effective than replacing items. This can vary with circumstances. As times, replacement is the only option. For instance, if after a fire disaster, smoke and soot residues were not properly removed from surfaces, the damaged contents must be replaced. A trained restoration company can effectively remove smoke and soot residues, avoiding a large amount of replacement on the part of the owner. A professional restoration technician will always prioritize mitigation. The process prevents further damage and reduces more loss.

Myth 2: Cleaning your carpet will get them dirty faster

Inefficient carpet shampooing left a soap residue that could attract dirt faster than before it was cleaned. Nowadays, restoration professionals use advance techniques than can both flushes and rinses carpets, preventing the misconception from happening.

Myth 3: Drying process is complete once the carpets are dry

Drying process is complete only when all the structural items, such as cement floors and walls are totally dry. Professionals use advance meters and sensors to measure moisture levels. This is important to carry out the result, which is a complete dry structure.

Myth 4: A fire damage home will always smell like smoke

Smoke soot is more damaging than ordinary dirt or dust, prompt cleaning actions are crucial. Neutralizing smoke soot immediately after a fire can reduce losses. If you don’t clean smoke immediately after a fire, the valuables of your home may suffer irreversible damage, due to acidic nature of the smoke particles.

Myth 5: DIY is cheaper than hiring a restoration company

This situation can be true in some cases, if, for instance, the damage was just a cause of a small leak or grease fire. You can use household products to clean the damage. However, a homeowner must extremely careful. A mishandling repair can cost more in the long run. Hiring a restoration company can help you save more money.

When in doubt, always consult trained professional restoration company, such as SERVPRO of Ventura. We utilized advance products and systems for restoring a wide variety of different damaged contents.

Do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911.


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One of the last things a homeowner ever wants to deal with is water damage. There are thousands of people in the U.S. experience a water damage emergency at home each day. Water damage from leaks and floods is often unexpected and costly. Homeowners have savings set aside for home maintenance, water damage isn’t something most people budget for. To protect your home against costly water damage, here are three areas that need to inspect.

  1. Bathroom

Water damage repair is an expensive and lengthy process. Bathroom are the most susceptible areas t water damage due to toilets, showers and sinks. Pipes can rust and begin leaking overtime. You should periodically conduct pipe inspections and pay attention for any musty smells or water stains that may indicate you need water damage repair.

  • Test valves for your toilet, shower and sink to ensure they are properly working
  • Check faucet supply lines
  • Replaced deteriorating caulking along sinks, tubs and showers
  • Call professional if you notice clog in your sink
  1. Kitchen

Your kitchen can potentially a major source of water damage in the home. Start by inspecting the appliances in your kitchen. Check the floor around the refrigerator and dishwasher. If you notice a moisture have the appliance repaired by professional immediately. Always check the connections to your dishwasher.

  1. Roof

You can’t control weather, but you can take actions to protect your roof from heavy rain and water damage. Rain water damage can be stressful issue from homeowners. Moisture form rain has the potential to damage your home’s structural integrity with mold, rotting and even cracks. Be sure to keep rain gutters and downspout free from debris prevent clogs, and position downspout to direct water away from the house. Have your roof inspected by a professional on a regular basis. It is good to monitor your walls and ceilings for leaks on your own, a trained professional has the expertise essential in spotting the signs of roof damage early.

Water damage experts like SERVPRO of Ventura will be able to tell what exactly the damage is, where and what are the steps in order to correct everything.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911.


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building in ventura california MOLD: IS IT HIDING IN THE BUILDING YOU ARE BUYING?


No one wants a property with a mold problem. Unfortunately, these little spores aren’t always easy to detect. If you’re buying a house or a building, you may wonder whether you need a mold inspection. These inspections can be costly, if you want to buy a property, look for these signs that you may need to call a mold inspector.

  1. Interior humidity levels are high

An indoor humidity level is too high when it’s above 50 percent. At this level, your home or building is susceptible go increased dust mite infestation, as well as mildew, mold growth and bacteria. Damp spaces are ideal breeding grounds for mold and bacteria.

  1. Visible signs of Water Damage

Most of us like to think that we will be able to spot sign of water damage in a property. If water damage is not cleaned up thoroughly, he remaining moisture can lead to mold growth. Visible signs of past water damage, such as stains, peeling or warped walls and floors, indicate that past cleanup efforts were inadequate.

  1. Record Disclose Past Water Damage

Burst pipes or leak causes water damage, moisture can remain and lead to mold growth. Mold destroys the surface while it grows which cause hidden structural damage.

  1. Ordinary Inspections Indicates Leaks

Early detection can save your money and avert potential disaster. A general inspection to a building costs less than a mold specialist. Inspection can call attention to issues other than mold. Choose some inspectors who use thermal imager as part of their inspection. Thermal imaging can indicate hidden leaks or damp areas.

If you have questions about mold, meet with our mold experts for professional advice. We will examine your mold problem and the damage.

Call us at: SERVPRO of Ventura  at (805) 656-3911.


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House of Fire Ventura California FIRE: HOW DOES IT SPREAD?


A fire is one of the most devastating situations a homeowner will ever face. Understanding the causes and behavior of fires will keep your property and family safe.

Most home and business fires start within the building. Many house fires begin in the kitchen. All it takes is a drop of grease to splatter out of a hot pan on to a gas flame and you have a dangerous kitchen fire. Another example is careless smoking, especially around textiles is a significant cause of house fire. Smoldering cigarette dropped into a trash can full of paper could ignite into flames. If he fire is not extinguished immediately, it could spread through the structure.

What is fire?

Fire is a chemical process of combustion releasing heat, light and various reaction. It requires three things to occur: oxygen, fuel and an ignition source. These three ingredients are needed to ignite and sustain a fire.

How does fire spread?

A fire can spread through your property very quickly. It only takes a few seconds for a smoldering ash or spark to ignite a curtain or a couch cushion. In just a few minutes, the flame can sweep the entire room.

  • Chemical and combustibles

When fire comes in contact with chemicals, household cleaners and paints, the fire will become more aggressive and encourage it to spread.

  • Open space

A building with limited interior structure urns much faster than one with a hallways and closed doors because walls and doors trap the fire and prevent the flames and smoke from spreading.

  • Materials

Buildings made of concrete and steel are more resistive to fire than and curb the spread of fire than made of wood frames.

  • Ventilation

HVAC ventilation system offer a conduit through which smoke and flames can travel from room to room or floor to floor.

  • Water

Do not use water, especially in the kitchen where the fire may be fueled by grease. Water will simply spread the flames, rather than extinguish them.

For fire damage restoration and smoke cleanup services, please call us SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911.


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Water Damage Sign, Wet Floor Water Damage Services in Ventura California

It’s very important to act quickly after your home has been struck by water damage and flooding. The first 24 to 48 hours are critical. The more time that goes by before extraction and drying process begins, the more damage the property will endure. If you act fast and get residential water damage restoration service on the scene to clean up and dry out your house, you will have the greater chance of saving your possessions and avoid further damage from rot, mold and bacteria.

Fast Response is the single most critical factor in restoring water damaged materials. SERVPRO of Ventura averages of 1-hour response time for all emergency service calls. The longer the moisture is present, the more time for building to absorb and consequently breakdown structure. When water damage affects your home, it can travel through walls, under floorboards and around all surrounding materials. When water is allowed to sit, it will begin to saturate everything around it. Structural materials, like wood and drywall absorb water, they will start to swell. Cracking and deterioration will begin to occur once full saturation is achiever. If water is not dried completely as quickly as possible, water will spread to the materials and will cause a structural damage and microbial growth.

Carpet and carpet pad is like a sponge, soaking up water and bacteria. If you experience storm and flood damage to your home call SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911. We know how important quick response to water damage is, that’s why we are reliable 24/7 for immediate assistance.


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Water Damage Ventura Water Damage Ventura

If you discovered a water damage on your property, it is important to know the cause of the damage.  Usually, leak is the cause of water damage on property and we can control it right away. The next step is to know the extent of the damage and how much will be the cost to complete the repairs. To do this, pre-testing process is essential.

Pre-testing is very important to help determine the type of damage as what can be stored as well as what needs to be replaced. It also helps determine which cleaning procedure will be the most effective.

  1. Identify the Type of Water

Identifying the type of water that caused the damage is very important factor in how long it will take to clean up and how much will it cost to complete the repair.

3 Categories of water

  • White (1)
  • Gray (2)
  • Black water (3)

Without pre- testing, you may be quoted for clean-up, category 3 water will impact the cost on insurance claim.

  1. Manage Furniture

Furniture and cabinets that are not easily removed will be factored into cleanup process. Furniture will be raised to clean the underneath and restore the damaged. Make sure to take a photo of everything for insurance agent.

  1. Inspect the Area

 The biggest factor in remediation is the extent of the damage. Water damage experts like SERVPRO of Ventura will be able to tell what exactly the damage is, where and what are the steps in order to correct everything.

Always take time to understand the damage before undertaking any remediation project.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to callSERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911.


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Ultrasonic cleaning is a technology that can remove contaminants that other machines cannot do. It is highly effective in the removal of contaminants, dirt and dust, oil and grease, chemical residues, calcium deposits, carbon deposits, rust, metal particles and miscellaneous debris.

At SERVPRO of VENTURA, we have a 4 – part system:

Using the first tank as our pre –wash tank which uses compressed air and chemicals. It removes the bulk of debris on contents.


Ultrasonic tank is the second tank. This uses generators and create a tiny bubbles collide with the contents. They suck the dirt, soot or debris of the contents.


The third tank is the rinsing tank. In such cases, distilled water and deionized water are often use to remove all traces of cleaning solution residues after parts are removed from cleaning bath.


In this component, a drying cabinet is powerful enough to dry electronics before they rust. The drying process dramatically reduces overall drying time and prevents the accumulation of moisture as well as the resulting of corrosion and spotting.

If you need your contents cleaned, we at SERVPRO of Ventura are here to help. Call us at (805) 656-3911.


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Mold Remediation vs Mold Removal Services Ventura, California Mold Remediation vs Mold Removal Services Ventura, California


Most of us tend to think that mold remediation is the same as mold removal. Others confuse with the two terms as well. Well the truth is, there is a significant difference between mold removal and mold remediation. Below explain the differences to help us understand exactly what our mold removal team means when we reference one of these service.

What is Mold Remediation?

It focuses on taking actions that return mold levels back to a natural level. This does not remove all of the mold on the property. Mold remediation process commences with the taking of air samples. This addresses the causes of a mold outbreak to help stop it from happening all over again. SERVPRO of Ventura have professionals that have the training and expertise to remediate the mold in your home or your business.

What is mold removal?

This is necessary when there is mold build up. A low level of mold will not require a mold removal. If the mold gradually accumulates and it is dangerous to health, the mold must be removed. Mold inspection will be performed, to determine if mold is present, measure its level and remove if it’s necessary. Our team at SERVPRO of Ventura knows exactly where to look for moisture that leads to mold growth.

If you have questions about mold, meet with our mold experts for professional advice. We will examine your mold problem and the damage.

Call us at: SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911.