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storm damage ventura storm damage ventura

Heavy rain and strong winds from storms can wreak havoc and impact almost everything in your house, including floors to garage. No matter how durable your roof is, I will most likely suffer form of damage during a severe storm. Knowing the right steps to take post-storm damage can make a big difference in different aspects ranging from an insurance claim to assuring safety for yourself, your family member and even your pets. The recovery from a storm can be challenging and time consuming, and right knowledge can make the work smoother and quicker while also preparing you for the next storm.

To mitigate storm damage, here are steps you should take as well as something you need to avoid.

Don’ts of Storm Damage Restoration

  1. Vacuuming standing water

Most people used vacuum cleaners to remove standing water. Normal vacuum cleaners are not designed to clean – up the water and other liquids. Trying to force this strategy could lead to electrocution and other liquids.

  1. Don’t attempt to fix Leaks.

 No matter minor they seem. Unauthorized repairs can lower the total insurance payout,

  1. Do not use electrical appliances

Using electrical appliances including vacuums, humidifiers, and fans, should be avoided.

Do’s of Storm Damage Restoration

  1. Inspect to assess the damage

Perform a post –storm review to find the extent of damage. An initial inspection and evidence collection can be smart move to make before talking to your insurance agent.

  1. Insurance

Take photos and videos as needed to make sure even mild damages to your property. Have an understanding of your insurance policy before talking to an insurance agent can help you to avoid unnecessary negotiations.

  1. Call certified restoration professionals

Storm damage can cause serious damage to your property, and the waste and chemical dominated water have to be removed as soon as possible to prevent further damages.

If you experience damage to your home or business during sever weather or storm events, you can depend on SERVPRO of Ventura. For comprehensive 24/7 residential and commercial restoration and cleanup services, you can count on the experience of our team. Call us SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911.


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Storm Storm Damage Ventura

Summer is the height of a storm season, and with it comes, a greater risk of storm damage to your home or commercial property. More 1000 tornadoes hit the United States on an annual basis. When it comes to storm, you can’t always expect the unexpected. However, you can prepare your facilities by instituting a proactive plan. Here are few tips you can do when a storm is approaching.

  1. Get t Lower Ground

If a storm is approaching that promises to bring strong wind and possibility of tornado. It is best to avoid hither stories of your home of property.

  1. Have Supplies Handy

It is very important to have supplies like flashlight and extra batteries handy before a storm arrives so you can be prepared for whatever comes next.

  1. Unplug

Lightning strikes can cause power surges, so try and unplug non-essential electronics that you’re not using as a storm bears down on your property to reduce risk of a surge or even an electrical fire.

If you experience damage to your home or business during sever weather or storm events, you can depend on SERVPRO of Ventura. For comprehensive 24/7 residential and commercial restoration and cleanup services, you can count on the experience of our team. Call us SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911.


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portable generator portable generator

Thunderstorms are rather unpredictable. But there is one thing to be certain about with, the chance of a power outage is quite high. Because of that, more people are considering buying a storm generator than ever before.

However, a storm generator is not something to buy on a whim. If you’re on the fence about buying a generator to keep work and household online during the toughest weather that nature throws at you, below are helpful things to consider.

  1. Determine what you need it for

Storm generators are example of a product you can spend as much as you would like to on. If you are considering a generator, you must determine what your household would actually need to power in an emergency to give you an idea of the type to pursue. There are expensive permanent models that can power your whole home and affordable portable models that may power one appliance or a few outlets.

  1. Make sure you have a safe place to run it

Whole home emergency standby generators are located outside your home ideally near both electric and natural gas connections that serve your home. Make sure you have a place at least 20 feet away from any doors or windows to place your generator when it is in use.

3, Know the wattage of your necessary items

If you want a generator for keeping your appliances operational, make sure you know the wattage of the items you will want to use so you can purchase a generator that is powerful enough to be of use.

If you experience damage to your home or business during sever weather or storm events, you can depend on SERVPRO of Ventura. For comprehensive 24/7 residential and commercial restoration and cleanup services, you can count on the experience of our team. Call us SERVPRO of Ventura  at (805) 656-3911.


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an old ailing house after storm Storm Damage SERVPRO of Ventura

Whatever type of property you own, it’s essential to be prepared for storms. During such storms, homes may be damaged or destroyed by high winds and high waves. According forecasters, we should always take preventive steps to prepare for any potential consequences of extreme weather.

Here are some important safety measures that homeowners or property owners can take to protect their property during stormy weather to reduce the chance of catastrophic damages.

  1. Clear away outdoor items

Make sure all lawn furniture, gardening tools, sporting equipment and other outdoor items are stored away if a storms is heading your way. High winds can pick up these items and send them flying through window. Make sure all your windows and doors are closed.

  1. Flood-proof your home

Heavy rainstorm can lead to flooding. If you experienced flooding and there is water at your location, keep people clear the area.

  1. Maintain and trim the trees

Loose and dead branches on tress around home can cause significant damage in a storm so homeowners should regularly check all the trees around a home and trim branches that are close to the property.

  1. Remember the gutters

Ensuring these are well maintained and clog – free will help protect a house form leaks. If they become clogged with leaves and debris, water will back up and can enter the roof causing further damage to the inside of a home.

Cleaning up after a significant weather can be challenging. We at SERVPRO of Ventura, we manage the kind pf projects for your home or business right away to get you back to normal. We handle storm damage, fire damage, water damage and mold remediation/prevention as well. Please call us SERVPRO of Ventura  at (805) 656-3911


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sewer back up ventura california sewer back up ventura california


When there are heavy rains, an abundance of water and debris end up in municipal sanitary sewers which overloads the sewer system. If there is more water than the sewer system can handle, excess water can flow backward into your home’s sewer line and overflow into your basement.

If a backup does occur, you realize that you aren’t dealing with the usual flood. Water from a sewer backup can bring hazardous materials into your home, so you’ll want to take every precaution possible to keep your family and your home safe.

Water restoration team can help remediate the issue in a timely and cost-effective manner, your best bet would to prevent the situation entirely. In order to prevent such issue, here are the most common causes of sewage backup:

  • Rain water overflows the storm drains
  • Vacant land was recently developed
  • Grassy area was recently paved over

How to prevent a sewer backup?

  • Have a plumber install check valves on your flood drains and all of your basement plumbing fixtures, a check valve lets water run out of the drain as designed but prevents water from flowing back into the drain.
  • Install old – ill-fitting sewer trap plugs with fit – all plugs

A backed- up sewer means blackwater. It can be costly and hazardous. It best to contact a water remediation team right away to assist cleanup efforts.  SERVPRO of Ventura can help you clean up the mess as quickly and inexpensive as possible.

If you have any questions about water damage in Ventura County, please do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911.


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Storm Damage Ventura Storm Damage Ventura

Every year, summer storm cause about billion dollars in property damage. High winds, flooding, tornadoes, lightning seems like a fairly benign season compared to the damage potential present during summer months. With summer come rainstorms, hail and flash flooding. While daydreaming about fun in the sun, don’t let your home get caught in the watery aftermath of a summer storm. From the top of the house to the bottom, here are few suggestions to prevent water damage in your home.

  1. Divert Water

Water pooling close to the home during heavy rain may seep into the structure of undermine a slab foundation. Ensure your surrounding landscape is graded so that water flows away from the house and into the yard.

  1. Secure the roof

Your roof takes the brunt of summer storms. Schedule an inspection by a roofing professional to check for split or missing shingles. Dislodged flashing, leaky skylights and other issues that cause indoor water damage from a heavy rain.

  1. Manage trees

Overhanging limbs can become an issue in high winds. If there any tree limbs that are close enough to strike the home are weak, dying or otherwise compromised, consider having these limbs or the whole tree removed.

  1. Seal your home with expert water damage restoration techniques.

If you have basement or sub-floor in your home, it needs to be sealed against water damage. Basement and foundations are often the spots that require water damage restoration, because they are naturally experience more exposure to groundwater and other moisture. Cracked foundations cause all sorts of problems for your home, but they are preventable and repairable with foundation sealing.

  1. Air Conditioner issues

Keeping you cool on hot summer day, a central A/C unit extracts gallons of water vapor form the air. If everything works right, it’s collected in the condensate drip pan, then conveyed down the drain line. If the drip pan or drain line is clogged, the pan overflows every time the system cycles on. Inspect the drip pan under the air handler. If you see standing water, contact an HVAC service technician to troubleshoot the drain system.

If you have any questions about water damage in Ventura County, please do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911.


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After Flood Damage Ventura California After Flood Damage Ventura California


Floodwaters contain many things that may harm health. We don’t know exactly what is in floodwater at any given point in time. It may contain chemicals. Biohazards and debris that may be harmful to the environment and the population. There are guidelines for the disposal of wastewater, including contaminated water from a flood.

We at SERVPRO of Ventura, follow local and state guidelines for disposal of flood damage wastewater. There are guidelines we follow in order to meet any local requirements as needed.

Below are general rules for disposal of flood damage wastewater:

  • Do not dump wastewater in septic tanks and waterways.
  • Utilized a licensed wastewater treatment facility if sanitary line is not available.
  • A Biohazard Firm must handle wastewater with biohazards
  • Wastewater is filtered to prevent insoluble fibers form being released.
  • Allow clean, gray and black water to be disposed in treated sanitary sewer line.

Professionals are trained to safely clean and remove biohazardous contaminants and dispose them properly in accordance with OSHA and health regulations.

SERVPRO of Ventura use advance restoration equipment and techniques to clean up any type of damage including biohazard. Professionals are trained to safely clean and remove bio hazardous contaminants and dispose them properly in accordance with OSHA and health regulations. Our highly trained and compassionate technicians are available 24/7 to return your home or business to a safe and livable condition.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of Ventura  at (805) 656-3911.


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House after a storm Ventura House after a storm Ventura


Natural disasters can occur at any time. Many disasters cannot be avoided. When severe storms roll through your area, storm damage repair contractor follows. Selecting the right storm damage contractor is challenging.

Storm restoration involves a comprehensive approach to damage and the skillset to different jobs in order to restore the property. Their professionals should know how to handle water damage, mold remediation and construction projects. One storm can cause a variety of damage throughout the home.

Many contractors take the same approach. So how do you know which storm damage repair contractor is going to help you repair the damage quickly, effectively and with as little hassle as possible?

  1. Experience
  • Storm restoration is not the same as handling a typical restoration job. Select a storm damage repair contractor that has been in the business and has a proven track record. Check on review site to see what thought of their experience with the storm damage repair contractor your considering.
  1. Insurance, Warranties and Relations
  • If the company has no idea how insurance payments work or what is expected of them when working with home insurance companies, that company would not be the right one to choose. Storm restoration company should know how to navigate the confusing world of insurance to ensure that the job is done the right way and paid for properly through the insurance company.
  1. Competent crew
  • Choose a storm damage repair contractor with a crew that makes you feel comfortable and helps you understand what is going on with your repair.
  1. Certification
  • Professional certification in the restoration industry include the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification(IICRC) and personal certifications under the American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC) or the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA). The company should have specialists who with them and meet high quality certification standards.
  1. 24/7 availability
  • The first 24 to 48 hours following a storm are crucial for restoration. For water damage. Water should be extracted and treat for mold before it has a chance to take root. Storm restoration company should be available to begin work as soon as possible.

If you're looking for storm restoration services, then contact the team at SERVPRO of Ventura. We are proud to serve the residents of Ventura. When serious disaster hits, we stand ready to mobilize our team to help out. Call SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911. We have a 24/7 Hotline.


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Broken Trees after the Storm Broken Trees after the Storm


When a storm suddenly hits your home or business, the damages and repercussions can be overwhelming. It makes sense to worry in the beginning about torn roofs, debris damage, water mitigation and more.

When the storm is over, there are other concerns that deserve to be met like mold damage.

After a natural disaster such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods, excess moisture and standing water contribute to the growth of mold in homes and other buildings. When returning to a home that has been flooded, be aware that mold maybe present and maybe a health risk for your family. When considering mold, here a few different odors that can point you the direction of where, why and how:

  1. Dry the Flooded Area

Standing water should be removed using sump pump. Remaining dampness, should be cleaned by professionals using heavy duty floor fans to promote air. Using a dehumidifier can help remove moisture from air.

  1. Lingering Odors

Carpets, drywall and flooring that are too damage should be removed for remediation. This should help with getting rid of some odor, but pay attention because certain smells may remain. SERVPRO of Ventura can provide ozone machines and other odor fighting remedies.  They also test for mold in certain areas of your home or your business.

  1. Air Quality

You should replace furnace and air filters once every three months. It is good to acquire a high –efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA) to remove substances that entered the air through flood water.

If you're looking for storm restoration services, then contact the team at SERVPRO of Ventura. We are proud to serve the residents of Ventura. When serious disaster hits, we stand ready to mobilize our team to help out. Call SERVPRO of Ventura  at (805) 656-3911. We have a 24/7 Hotline.


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Storm Damage Repair Ventura California Storm Damage Repair Ventura California


After this winter season, here comes spring, we can expect more heavy rains before summer arrives. In order to know how to be prepared for storms, we should know how and when to be prepared.

The labels of storm watch and storm warning are used year round and in different situations across the country. Knowing the difference between a watch and warning can help you and your family take appropriate precautions and stay safe. Below are watch and warning information provided by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Storm Watch

Means that severe weather hasn’t not occurred yet. You should prepare for a possibility for a severe storm, heavily rain, hail or strong gust of wind.

Storm Warning

Means you should act now, because severe weather is occurring. You should get into safe spot immediately.

Types of Storm Watches and Warnings

  1. Severe thunderstorm Watch

A thunderstorm watch which can be effect in for several hours means, that the potential exists for the development of thunderstorm can easily develop.

  1. Severe thunderstorm Warning

A thunderstorm warning means current storm conditions can turn worse, including heavy rains and strong winds.

Whether a watch or warning, its best to stay inside and away from windows. Unexpected emergencies like severe weather call for immediate action. SERVPRO of Ventura is a professional team that knows the immediate reaction to the disaster and helps you get your life back to normal.

SERVPRO of Ventura can also perform pack- outs services, which is removing salvageable personal property from the affected area for off-site cleaning and storage.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911.


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After Storm Damage Ventura California After Storm Damage Ventura California


After a disaster like storm, hurricane and flood, you make sure that your loved ones are safe and secure. Once the immediate safety concerns are addressed, the next urgent tasks often center around finding undamaged household items and personal possessions and taking them to a safe and dry place. Storm damage not only affects a home structure but also the contents within the home. Whether a furniture, photographs and important documents. SERVPRO of Ventura can help you restore all your contents to preloss condition. We offer five different methods of cleaning your contents:

  • Wet Cleaning
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Spray and wipe
  • Foam Cleaning
  • Abrasive cleaning
  • Immersion Cleaning

When valuable documents including photographs, are damaged by water, extreme caution should be taken to help insure the water damage does not destroy the document. SERVPRO of Ventura can save a great deal and minimized additional damage. We have five options for restoration of documents.

  • Air Drying
  • Dehumidification
  • Freeze Drying
  • Vacuum freeze drying
  • Vacuum thermal drying

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911.


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Repair Roof Storm Damage Ventura Repair Roof Storm Damage Ventura


It can be an emotional time if disaster strikes. Storms can affect both your yard and your home. Your roof experiences the worst of the damage. Some roof storm damage is very obvious, while issues may not be noticeable until it’s too late. You may not immediately realize the damage, but there are major consequences if you do not have your roof repaired immediately.

SERVPRO of Ventura can help you. We are 24/7 full service emergency restoration services, including water damage and storm damage restoration.


  1. Tornadoes
  2. Hailstorm
  3. Strong Wind
  4. Thunderstorm

Repairing your roof after a storm.

A new roof only need minor repairs. If shingles are not that old, you may not need to replace the entire roof. Professional contractors can patch shingles, have alternative roofing material, like steel sheeting. Most roof damage requires a complete replacement of your roof. Choose a professional roof restoration company that can clear the debris effectively.

Contacting Insurance Company

If your roof was damaged from a storm, your insurance may cover the damage. It is important to contact your provider if you experienced hail, rain or wind damage.

Regardless of circumstances –damage from storms or floods. Call SERVPRO of Ventura. Our mitigation experts are standing to provide storm damage restoration to return the property to a preloss condition.

Call SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911.


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Roof suffers from Water Damage Ventura Roof suffers from Water Damage Ventura


After a strong storm passes through town, it’s important to go outside and assess the possible roof damage it might have caused. Storms can damage a roof in a number of ways. Hail, wind and falling debris can damage shingles. Heavy rains can cause water to pool, creating leaks. To keep up with the demands of the seasons, make sure you follow these tips on what to do after storm damage happens to your home.


The first thing to do if you experienced severe weather is to assess the damage. Estimate the specific details of the area that has been damaged. Document the materials that are visible or exposed. Check for signs of exposed plywood, tarpaper, or the ends of missing shingles.


Interior property can be damaged by leaking water. Be sure to place a bucket under leaks to prevent further interior damage. Serious damage need to be waterproofed quickly using a strapped tarping method, smaller repairs can be shingled immediately.


Homeowners insurance covers your roof in cases where it is damaged for reasons outside of the homeowner’s control. Roof damage caused by moderate weather incidents such as hail, wind, and rain are often covered by homeowner’s insurance. It is important to thoroughly document any damage that occurred.


Always hire a professional contractor. A roofing professionals can determine the severity of the leak and analyze your home for the best route of access into the damaged area. They patch, repair, or replace unsalvageable sections of roofing.


When the leak is under control, you’re left with the water damage. Untouched water damage can be a bigger mess that you expect. Festering within structural support systems and hidden pipes, even the slightest bit of water can weaken your home. A professional restoration service can dry and sanitize thoroughly as to completely restore the damage that has occurred.

If your home is suffering from water damage and you need to seek immediate assistance from a professional water damage restoration service, please call us SERVPRO.


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House with Lightning House with Lightning


Storms and hurricanes caused damage in different regions every year. Some of the biggest dangers caused by storms can occur after the storm has already passed. This violent weather is the primary cause of standing flood water which can cause a serious health risk. Standing water inside a house is hazardous in a number of ways. Here are some of the most severe problems floods can bring.

  1. Physical Hazards
  2. Electrocution is a major threat. Standing water may be electrically charged if the power is still on inside the house or even from a nearby downed power line. Never attempt to access the main electrical panel if it is located in a flooded or wet part of the house. The only way to ensure that a flooded house is safe is to disconnect all the power in the house and this could be done only by an electrician.
  3. Physical damage caused by a storm is still present in the water. Sharp objects underwater may exist, such as shards of broken glass or sharp metal which might be impossible to see before it causes injury.
  4. Various insects, animals and snakes may take refuge inside a flooded home. Mosquitoes also utilize stagnant water inside a house to lay eggs.
  5. Health Dangers
  6. Chemicals and other toxins picked up as a flood moves across the landscape are included in the indoor floodwater. Lead, arsenic and solvent as well as assorted pesticides could cause problems to your health.
  7. Foods and drinks that have been contaminated by standing flood water could cause problems to your health. Since floods typically flush out municipal sewage systems, E. coli bacteria, staphylococcus and even flesh-eating bacteria may also be present in the house.

Storms occur with little warning and can be especially devastating, so you’ll need the company that you can trust to rise to the occasion. If you need a local restoration company, Call SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911. We have a 24/7 Hotline.


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After a major storm, you will deal with wind and water damage to your house, which can be both difficult and dangerous. Dealing with a variety of damage must be handled properly to protect your safety and belongings. Here are some tips on managing your cleanup efforts and keeping your family safe.


When dealing with water damage after a storm, make sure that all power in the house is shut off. This is very important because storm water may have soaked into your walls and reached the electrical wiring. Water supplies should be shut off if you notice broken pipes to avoid using the sewage system.


As soon as you can safely approach your property, document damage to your home before clean up with photos or video, and compile a written list of damaged items. Make sure to take an inventory of both the interior and exterior of the property. Read your homeowner insurance policy thoroughly to see what is and isn’t covered before contacting the insurance company.


The hardest part after storms hit your house is when the roof is damaged. Water damage could add to the problem once the roof is lost.  Make sure to inspect and repair immediately so that the rest of the property is protected from future storms.


The amount of damage even a short storm can do is alarming. It is important to repair it quickly but the risk of danger is high. Before you try making repairs yourself, work with your home insurer and hire a fully licensed and bonded contractor with credentials. Cleaning up flooded property requires a professional technique to ensure that every corner is dry. If your property has set for a long period of time, it may also be necessary to do mold remediation. By keeping safety in mind and working with a professional, you will have your property looking as good as new soon.

If you're looking for storm restoration services, then contact the team at SERVPRO of Ventura. We are proud to serve the residents of Ventura. When serious disaster hits, we stand ready to mobilize our team to help out.


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Spring weather is unpredictable. The risk of injury and death increases when severe weather hits. Prepare for storms, floods, and tornadoes for you know in advance they are coming.

Spring is the time of year when weather changes. Temperatures can swing back and forth between balmy and frigid. Thunderstorms cause most of the severe spring weather. They can bring lightning, tornadoes, and flooding. Whenever warm, moist air collides with cool, dry air, thunderstorms can occur.

Advance planning for thunderstorms, lightning, tornadoes, and floods requires specific safety precautions. You can follow many of the same steps that you would for all extreme weather events.

  1. Evaluate the exterior

Your home is designed to shelter you from the weather. To keep it in tip-top condition, do regular walk-a rounds and inspect for weaknesses. Keep an eye out for the following things:

  • Loose shingles that look rippled or ones that have already fallen to the ground.
  • Check the siding to see if it’s firmly in place.
  • Tree branches extending over your house or dead branches that could fall in a storm.
  • Note loose patio furniture and décor that should be secured or pulled inside when a storm comes.
  • Gutters should be firmly attached and all downspouts need to be in place.
  • Check to see if your fence needs repair.
  1. Clean gutters and downspouts

Gutter cleaning should be part of your spring and fall home maintenance routine. This proactive habit keeps water run-off away from your home and helps prevent flooding. It also gives you the opportunity to inspect your rain gutters for leaks and sagging.

  1. Check your sump pump.

Rain will cause risk of flooding. If you have a sump pump, it’s a great idea to run through an annual sump pump maintenance list.

  1. Inspect leaks

If you’ve had leaks in the past, it’s best to take care of them now before more damage to prevent flooding.

Storms occur with little warning and can be especially devastating, so you’ll need the company that you can trust to rise to the occasion. If you need a local restoration company, Call SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911. We have a 24/7 Hotline.

Flood Protection: Tips to Keep Your Home Safe in a Storm

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Toy plastic house on the sand washes wave Flood Protection: Tips to Keep Your Home Safe in a Storm

Climate hazards are natural events in weather cycles. We’ve always had hurricanes, droughts and wildfires, flooding and high winds. We witnessed a scale of destruction and devastation that is terrifying.

As a property owner, it’s up to you to take every possible precaution against harsh weather. Ensuring your home can withstand flooding and storm damage will help cut down the risk of loss and the need for costly repairs.

Protecting your home will provide peace of mind that your family is safe during a severe storm.

Here are tips for maintaining home flood protection.

  1. Keep Your Foundation in Good Shape

If your foundation is already damaged, over time water will cause more erosion and make the problem worse. This is a serious problem if you have a basement, as this is the first place that will flood if water enters via the foundation.

  1. Have Your Roof Inspected

If your roof is in bad shape, flooding or severe water damage is inevitable. A weak roof won’t stand up to high winds.

  1. Ensure Your Landscaping Provides Proper Drainage

Adding some soil around the foundation in order to create grading will help. However, you may need to have a landscaper install a drainage system. This will ensure water can’t damage your foundation or enter your home during heavy rains.

  1. Install a Backflow Valve

In areas prone to heavy flooding, there’s always a possibility of sewage backing up into your home.

Valves work by automatically closing when flooding occurs and water starts backing up. Water and waste are then directed back out of your home instead of in.

  1. Use a Sump Pump for Your Basement

If you have a basement, investing in a sump pump is a smart idea. This device will pump water out of your basement when it starts to flood.

  1. Make Sure Doors and Windows Are Sealed

If you’re dealing with leaky windows or doors, ultimately you’ll need to have the frames replaced altogether.

Your home is an investment, so it makes sense you’d want to protect it from serious flood damage.

If your home has suffered from flood damage or experiencing water damage emergencies, please call us

SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911.


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Homeowners face problems during flooding especially when the snow is melting or there’s a burst pipe.
It is important to be prepared always especially when you are near or live in a flood zone. You can’t stop
a flood but there are ways to minimize the impact that water has on your home. Here are few tips help
you keep water from destroying your home.
Have a Plan of Action
The best thing you can do if you think you live in a flood zone is to have a plan of action in advance.
1. Store all important documents in a watertight secure lockbox
2. Have a second lockbox for jewelry and all valuables
3. Keep phone numbers for moving companies and storage units in case you have enough time to move
your furniture and other possessions
4. Contact A&A Property Restoration in advance and set up a game plan for protecting your home or
getting quick service after a flood
Store Sandbags and Flood Barriers
Sometimes homes are simply susceptible to water damage. Lower flood water, can be contained by
simply laying out sandbags and flood barriers around your doors. Sandbags and flood barriers can
minimize the damage and save you thousands of dollars in home repairs.
Think of your Home’s Construction
If you are building a new home or renovating your current home, invest in components that are
waterproof or create a tighter seal around the structure. Here are the components:
1. Concrete flooring instead of wooden floor boards
2. One-way valves in your plumbing to prohibit water backup in the plumbing system
3. Water proofing electrical outlets
4. Cement render and lime plaster
5. Water resistant doors and window frames
6. Flood skirts around brick homes
If your home has suffered from flood damage or experiencing water damage emergencies, please call us
SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911.


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Basement water leaks are an alarming problem.  Inspectors estimate that 60% of homeowners in the country have basement water problems. Even newly constructed homes are still prone to leaks. 

When it rains, it pours. Especially if you have water or moisture problems at home, learning how to deal with nasty, smelly leaked water in your basement is one of the best ways to protect your home and prevent costly damage in the future.

Causes of Water Problems in the basement

  1. Flood.

Needless to say, basements are prone to flooding since they are the lowest part of a house. If you live in a flood-prone area, one of the best things you can do to protect your property is to apply some flood control methods, such as raising your home on stilts, installing foundation vents or a sump pump, applying coatings and sealants on your basement walls, and installing check valves on your pipes.

2 .Water Seepage

Water can seep through cracks in your walls as well as other porous materials. There are two types of wall cracks – horizontal and vertical. The former is more serious as it is caused by pressure against the walls. If you see stains on your basement walls or floors whenever it rains, it’s an indication of water seepage.

3.Window Well

 Windows allow light and air into your basement. However, during heavy rains, water can collect within the window wells.


  1. Mold growth

It only takes 24 to 48 hours for mold to invade your basement, damaging various surfaces like walls, floors, and furniture. Mold does not only cause rotting of surfaces, especially wood, but it also puts your family at a greater risk of health problems, such as allergy and asthma.

  1. Damaged wiring and appliances

Water that seeps through cracks on the walls can damage electrical appliances in your basements, such as your washer, dryer, water heater, and furnace. Electrical problems can also cause life-threatening accidents to anyone in your family.

                   There are some things you can do on your own to prevent the need for water damage in basement repair like using air dryers, installing fans, insulating pipes and walls, and keeping water away from the foundation. Doing these things will free you from high basement water damage repair costs. It’s always best to call restoration professionals especially if there is already some serious damage.

Experiencing a water damage disaster is enough stress on its own. Always seek for professional advice for water damage. If you experience these kinds of emergencies, call SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911.


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Storms and hurricanes affect a lot of states throughout the year. There can be hazards caused by storms happened after the storm has passed. These are some samples of severe problems flood can bring:

  1. Health Dangers: Floods can cause health risk. There are possible diseases that occurs in storm disaster includes Norovirus and West Nile Virus. Bacteria and infections can infect everything it touches. It is important not to drink or eat anything that has been contaminated with flood water. Also, prevent to soak your toes in standing flood especially you have open wounds.
  2. Physical Hazards: Dirty flood water can be manifested by insects and threatening animals. In some states, there are also alligators make use of the flood as their habitat. Physical damage caused by the storm can still be present in the water. Broken glasses and Sharp metals cannot be visibly seen but can cause injuries. Storms damages electric power lines and very dangerous. It has a potential to lead into electrocution in standing water. Drowning can also be a possibility whether a person or cars are trying to swim across.

Here at SERVPRO of VENTURA we are proud to serve the residents of Ventura. When serious disaster hits, we stand ready to mobilize our team to help out during any kind of crisis. Call us at (805) 656-3911 for assistance.

SERVPRO of Ventura 24 Hour Emergency Water Damage Services

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SERVPRO of Ventura 24 Hour Emergency Water Damage Services

SERVPRO of Ventura has an available 27/7 Hotline for water emergencies. Immediate action is needed when dealing with these events. Time is really crucial to prevent more damage and cost.

We have Phone Ready to help you anytime: (805) 656-3911.

It could be stressful and overwhelming for a homeowner. But SERVPRO of Ventura is ready to the rescue. We are expert to guide you step by step on what to do. Our technicians have experience and enough training to help you through these times. We specialized in restoration of Water Damage.

When you call us, we need these informations regarding your water damage emergency. The questions are needed for us to determine what equipment and how much resource to bring.

1. Name and contact information
2. Insurance Information (if you have it)
3. The address of the damage home
4. When did the water damage happen?
5. Cause for the water damage
6. Is there an electric power supply in your area?

Here at SERVPRO of Ventura we are proud to serve the residents of Ventura. When serious disaster hits, we stand ready to mobilize our team to help out during any kind of crisis. Call us at (805) 656-3911 for assistance.


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SERVPRO of Ventura Storm Damage Lightning tips


Thunderstorms and lightings can be scary sometimes.

If you are outdoor when the thunderstorm or a lightning happened, here's what you can do:

  1. Find an shelter. A large building or establishment that you can stay safe when the lightning strikes. If you can't find any building, you can just go inside your car.
  2. Do not go inside a tent, shed or a picnic place.
  3. Never go under a tree. Lightnings are attracted to those.
  4. Don't go swimming in pools or or any bodies of water.
  5. Avoid fields are big open areas even high ground.
  6. Never use your cellphone.
  7. Do not touch metals such as gates, bikes etc.
  8. If you are home, stay inside as possible.
  9. If you are driving your car, stop it at a safe location. Stay inside. Close all the doors and windows

Home Storm Damage Restoration

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The big storm hit, and now you are dealing with the need for home damage restoration. Often, the winter months are the most difficult for homeowners because of the outside temperatures are so brutal. However, it goes without saying that if your house is damaged int he storm and the outside elements are coming in, you need to turn to a professional to get your house back in shape. There is no time to waste either. The risks against a building are numerous. You need to act quickly to get improvement.

Cleaning up Debris

One of the first steps in home damage restoration is to clean up the damage elements of the building. This includes pulling down broken roofs and pulling out damage windows. This is not the easiest process to do during the cold winter months, but it is something that requires immediate attention so that you can get into the home and start fixing the problems. SERVPRO of Ventura cleanup crews can help to make the process easier to manage.

Reducing Mold Risks

Water, including water in its frozen state of ice and snow, is very problematic for the home. If you've been involved in an incident in which there is a significant build-up of snow or ice on the roof of the house, this puts a great deal of pressure on the structure. If the structure cracks and the roof falls that water is now in your home and could potentially lead to mold growth. The problem is, you cannot wait until spring to fix these types of problems. They need attention now. When you turn to SERVPRO of Ventura, they will handle the restoring work right now, so there is no risk to the house in the long-term.

Rebuilding Fast

Once the problems are taken care of, it is just as important to get your house back into livable condition again. This may mean adding drywall, roofing, windows, and other components damaged by the storm. You need these types of tasks done quickly. It is not easy, but it is often best to turn to a professional for immediate assistance rebuilding what has been damaged.

Home damage restoration is one of the most important steps you can take in reclaiming your house after a winter storm. No matter how insignificant the damaged areas of the property may seem right now, even small problems can play a role in the safety and comfort of your house the rest of the season. Have a professional handle the handle the process for you quickly.

SERVPRO of Ventura can help to treat a big problem before it leads to house condemnation or worse. Find out how at or call us at (805) 656-3911.

Property Damage - What To Do After a Storm

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Putting aside intentional vandalism, a big storm is your most likely concern when it comes to acquiring property damage. A good storm can leave your roof in disrepair, your windows shattered and your siding was lying by the side of the house. If you have insurance, the monetary cost should be covered, but that doesn't necessarily mean you'll get a roadmap to repair. The insurance company's idea what should cover the cost may also differ substantially from reality. A lot of homeowners look around in confusion and frustration after incurring this kind of destruction. If you're among them, here are some things you can do.

Your Options

If you're having trouble coming up with the funds to pay a professional, you'll have to do the cleanup on your own. Don't depend on your insurance company to come through with the funds in time. If there are issues with water, for instance, you need to start getting it out immediately. Every hour it sits in your home, the worse the property damage becomes.If it stays long enough, you may not be left with anything salvageable. Plenty of people have faced this very reality. If you can afford to hire a professional restoration company, do so.  It's money well spent.

Shop Around

Once you've taken care of any storm problems, it's time to start talking restoration and rebuilding. If you're looking at a fence in disrepair, it could be project you can tackle on your own. Anything more substantial, you'll need to shop for a good contractor. This is a dangerous time for homeowners. When a storm blows through town, shady contractors are never more than a step behind. Make policy to hire only established and reputable contractors, and you'll be able to avoid scams.

Exercise Caution

This isn't a time where your kids need to be outside playing in the yard without shoes. Storm-caused property damage can lead to host of dangers, many of which may be invisible until it's too late. Stray nails, for instance, could be anywhere. This may be true at all times, but it is especially important to remember following an event such as this. It's already a burden to recover from such incident. Don't make it worse by adding a medical emergency on top of it. Exercise caution until everything is cleaned up.

When it comes to companies that repair, you should know that reliability and professionalism are key.

For professional contractors, please check our website at or call us at (805) 656-3911.

SERVPRO of Ventura Offers the Best Service for Commercial Storm Damage Cleanup

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SERVPRO of Ventura is committed to offering the best service for commercial storm damage cleanup. Our service is available 24/7 in case of emergencies. SERVPRO of Ventura handles every aspect of the storm damage cleanup form the inspection to the completed repairs of the property.

We pride our business on being available for you when you need storm damage cleanup. It is imperative to have your property cleaned up after a storm for safety reasons. Damage missed during the inspection and cleanup phases of the restoration project can become severe and more expensive to repair and replace. SERVPRO of Ventura will send out a professional technician inspect the damage and begin the restoration process.

Contact SERVPRO of Ventura today (805) 656-3911.


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What is storm damage?

Building insurance policies do not necessarily define what a storm is, we say that a storm generally involves violent winds, usually accompanied by rain, hail or snow. However, there can be circumstances where storm damage is caused to property without high winds occurring.

What to do if I think my property has storm damage?

Call a trust-worthy and reputable contractor who will work with your insurance company to make sure you are treated fairly.

Is storm damage covered by homeowners’ insurance?

Homeowners insurance may help cover certain causes of storm damage, including wind, hail and lightning. However, damage caused by flood and earthquakes typically is not covered by a standard homeowners’ insurance policy. Check your policy.

Can storm damage impact the value of my home?

If you plan to sell your home in the future, yes. It is critical to address storm damage issues immediately. Many homeowners are shocked to learn they have costly storm damage to fix, years after the time to file an insurance claim has expired.

What is a storm chaser?

Storm chasers are companies that complete home repairs (common repairs include roofing and siding), and typically solicit business from homeowners after large natural disasters occur, such as hailstorms, hurricanes and tornadoes. If a major storm damages your house, make sure you’ve hired a trustworthy general contractor for home repairs. Then you want to begin the restoration process as soon as possible.

One of the benefits to choosing professional restoration through our SERVPRO team is that we have your interest at heart. From the first assessment of the damage to the completion of the restoration project, we're not satisfied with our work unless you tell us.

Give SERVPRO a call anytime that you need us at (805) 656-3911.