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Fires can happen anywhere. While the cause of fires vary, every year thousands of homes, commercial properties, and industrial facilities  with the clean-up after a blaze. In the aftermath of fire, structural engineers and insurance companies will work together to determine if a property can be salvaged. In many cases, a fire restoration specialist will work with the owner to resurrect property from ashes.

Smoke will often cling to surfaces in areas where the fire was most intense or where there were high levels of heat or humidity. You may also see a few spots of discoloration on brick structure – depending on the type of material and heat exposure experienced during the fire. For example, after being exposed to extreme temperature during an fire, red brick may be duller in colour.

Soot is particularly difficult to remove because of its high levels of acidity. It is important to completely remove soot before you begin  washing or it may stain the brick surface. Here are correct materials and steps to properly clean soot and smoke damage from brick surfaces.

You will need the following supplies for cleaning process:

  • Dust mask, longs sleeves, pants and gloves to avoid indigestion or getting it on your bare skin
  • Vacuum is for the initial removal of soot and smoke
  • Dry cleaning sponge and bucket is for washing the brick
  • Commercial degreaser or dish soap and baking soda is to create the soap solution used during washing
  • Power/pressure washer is for washing external brick surfaces

How to clean

  1. If you are cleaning smoke damage from interior bricks, open all windows and doors in your house to create ventilation.
  2. Wear mask, gloves , and proper clothing from the list above to protect yourself.
  3. Use a vacuum cleaner with an attached hose to remove all loose soot.
  4. Use dry cleaning sponge to remove the soot and smoke that is deeply embedded into the brick.

We understand that soot and smoke damage clean – up is often a difficult and time consuming task. Contact us SERVPRO of Ventura (805) 656 – 3911.


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Water Damage in Condo Bathroom Ceiling, Flooding from Upstairs Neighbor Water Damage in Condo Bathroom Ceiling, Flooding from Upstairs Neighbor

When water damages your business, we know you want to return to work as quickly as possible. Disruptions to your business are the last thing you need and that is why you call for SERVPRO of Ventura. We have the tools and skills to restore your business to preloss conditions and get you back to business. So how do we get rid of the water and restore your business?

Removing water with in – place drying allows us to dry any water without excessive disruption to the area, meaning fewer delays to your business. This drying must take place quickly after the loss and our technicians follow a strict protocol to present any water from mitigations further.

In – place drying process is one of the most critical components of water mitigations. Most home and business owners understand rapid drying is part of recovery after any kind of flooding event. However, you might not be aware of the scene behind this type of service, why in place drying so important or how it benefits both you and your property.

  1. In place drying is science base

Water damage recovery has evolved into a highly technical field. Through ongoing research, the restoration industry continually develops better method and equipment for removing excess moisture from structural materials.

  1. On site decisions are data driven

  Because we de with real – time data taken on the job site, we make decisions based on accurate measurements instead of assumptions. Our team gauge moisture in structural voids, behind vapor barriers and inside wood framing.

  1. Efficient structural drying requires equipment specially designed for the job. Our industry certified technicians know exactly what to set up according to each project. We take care of all types of building materials with an arsenal of commercial drying equipment.

If you’re looking for commercial cleaning services in your area, SERVPRO of Ventura can remedy the problem. Call us at (805) – 656 -3911.


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food factory ventura california food factory ventura california

While it one thing to keep up a consistent taste with your products, it is a whole other thing to maintain a clean and crisp work area. Only by constant sanitation of all the areas, you’ll be able to maintain your space a fresh. This would then again lift the quality of your product, improve your shelf life and make processes a lot more reliable. But remember, food factory cleaning is no easy task.

Since food products are sensitive in nature, all equipment, kitchens, packaging areas, processing sections should all be maintained on par. It’s more than just mopping floors or picking up trash. You’re under, immense scrutiny since the food industry in general is regarded sensitively.

Cleaning the food factory company premises daily might seem the least of your worries but it is not. Germs are as much a threat as your competitors and cleaning the office, warehouse , production space by yourself or involving your employees is not enough. Amateur cleaners will not be familiar with the best industrial cleaning practices and a food factory’s health and safety procedure. Thus, they are bound to ignore some of the critical areas. Without a professional food factory cleaning company, you shall risk exposing yourself and your employees to health and safety risks. A food factory must eliminate the threats. Food factory cleaning services should focus on draining grease from boilers from time to time. Everything from walls, floors and even ceiling is prone to accumulate food stains. Food processing tables should all be periodically disinfected and sanitized to offer a better overall result.

Hand your requirements to a professional. If you think you business needs some cleaning and disinfecting, we at SERVPRO of Ventura are here to help. Our cleanup practices are in accordance with the guidelines provided by CDC and local authorities. Call us at (805) – 656 – 3911.


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rat infestation rat infestation

If you’re like most people, you cringe at the thought of rat infestation. These rodents don’t generally have a reputation for being cute and cuddly, so thoughts of rats in the attic or crawl space cam be unsettling. But the rats aren’t the only reason you should be concerned about rats in your house.

Seeing a rat from a distance can be disturbing to some. For such small pests, rats can do a surprising amount of damage. They tend to chew and gnaw their way through a variety of different materials including wooden structures, cardboard boxes and even plastics. In some cases, you might actually see a rat’s body. Whether the rat is alive or dead. Rats can carry also pathogens that may transmit disease to humans, including hantavirus. These pathogens can be transmitted through the rat’s urine and droppings which become airborne as they break down and contaminated to dust.

As many business know, a rodent infestation can be very problematic. In addition to causing health hazards, rodents can adversely affect the structural integrity of your commercial property. The local team of experts at SERVPRO of Ventura is trained to safely remove biohazards and dispose them properly in accordance with OSHA and Health regulations. Equipped with recommended safety and specialized cleaning products, we can change unhealthy environment. Call us at (805) – 656 - 3911.


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sink pipe water leak plumbing damage at home Lady having problems with plumbing and water damage.

From a broken water line to an overflowing toilet, water damage can happen to anyone. When it happens to you or your property, you may be tempted to pull out your trusty mop and bucket  and start cleaning up the mess on your own. Before you start mopping up any watery mess you should be aware of the cons of do – it – yourself water damage restoration. We at SERVPRO of Ventura, we are there to handle all your water damage repairs need, include :

  1. Structural Issues – once damage occurs, the structural integrity of flooring, walls and ceilings become compromise. Proceeding with drying without proper dehumidification also opens the door foe trapped moisture. We use the latest industry tools for proper dehumidification and moisture detection to achieve our goals.
  2. Controlled Demolition – reconstruction with controlled demolition gets every facet of damage back to pre – water loss condition, such a process involves trusted highly skilled area contractors for steps like hardwood flooring repair, new drywall or carpet and anything else your property require.
  3. Water Contamination – even with category one events with clean water, there is still the chance the water becomes contaminates after coming into contact with chemical or other elements. Our skilled technicians know how to address each situation, whether you have interior or exterior flooding to deal with.

If you’re looking for water damage restoration service, SERVPRO of Ventura can remedy the problem. Call us at (805) – 656 – 3911.


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mold damage ventura mold damage ventura

As weather pattern change and storms becomes more intense and prevelent, the potential for water damage and subsequent mold growth increases as well. Water in your home or building is disconcerning  thought. Whenever you have a water loss, it is a nerve-racking experience. You have to worry about cleaning up the water and drying out what’s affected. Sometimes you need to take care of these on you own, other times a professional company like SERVPRO of Ventura, need to come in and assess and then clean. With any water loss, mold should be worry but when does water actually causes mold growth. Below are different types of water damage that can cause mold growth.

  1. Sewage back-up from flooding in the area.
  2. Plumbing or root lease
  3. Damp basement or crawl space
  4. Overflows from sinks fro bathtub
  5. High humidity
  6. Any type of stagnant water in you home

Mold will begin to grow 24- 48 hours after the initial water damage. If you discover the source of damage, stop it quickly and clean the mess. If the water is not dried out within that time, a professional may apply antimicrobial products to prevent growth.

Experiencing a water damage disaster is enough stress on its own. Always seek for professional advice. If you experience these kind of emergencies, call SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656 – 3911.


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disinfecting services servpro ventura disinfecting services SERVPRO ventura

The physical environment of the workplace has a significant effort on the way that we work. When our space is a mess, so are we.

Whether you worked in an office or in a cubicle, you probably worked to keep it clean and disinfected. When you’re concerned about keeping yourself safe from sickness-causing germs, you’re probably ready to bust out some serious chemicals to help you to help you clean and disinfect your cubicle, desk, office, or home office. Unfortunately, while disinfectants can be a powerful safeguard against bacteria and viruses, they can also contain some pretty scary chemicals that can have serious health effects on you and your co-workers. All cleaning products are not created equal and not all of them are disinfectants. Only products registered by the Environmental Protection Agency which have gone under specific testing to ensure their efficacy. Also, just because a disinfectant can be used to effectively kill germs and bacteria does not mean it’s safe to come into contact with your skin, eyes and lungs.

SERVPRO of Ventura offered disinfection services. We work to clean and sanitize office buildings and other commercial facilities. We train our cleaners to sanitize surfaces based on the recommendations from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). We follow their guidelines and use various methods and products to clean surfaces and limit the spread of bacteria and viruses.

The best results come when the right tools are used, and consumer cleaning products don’t always provide the desired outcome. Our team has access to industrial strength chemicals, as well as specialized equipment that’s much more effective than that found in stores. All the cleaning supplies we use are registered with the EPA, so they’re sure to be eco-friendly.

When searching for a disinfection service, be sure to choose a company that is flexible and follows guidelines that protect workers’ safety and health. Call us at SERVPRO of Ventura(805) 656-3911.


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messy garage messy garage

The word clutter shows that it means no good. It generally refers to mess. It talks about the years and years of stuff that has been accumulated. With respect to air quality, clutter is poisonous. The more stuff you have, the more you are likely to pollute the air in the house. That is because you are providing more locations for clutter to feed and grow on.

Here’s the impact clutter can have on the quality of your air.

  1. Some Pollutants are Harder to Clean

Pollutants like from water damage can be detrimental to the health of your indoor air. They hide in moist areas where most families store things, areas like garage, kitchen and laundry room. They can lead to health problems and trigger allergens and asthma.

  1. Clutter is hard to clean after a while

Sometimes cleaning a room you’ve been meaning to clean for a while is hard to do. It’s because you don’t feel like cleaning, but after a while, letting clutter buildup makes it harder to get rid of. Clutter can lead to dust build up in forgettable areas like cluttered tabletops, shelving and dressers.

Dust is one of the leading causes of poor indoor air quality since your home’s HVAC system’s filter has to work harder to trap dust.

  1. Clutter leads to less air circulation

Poor air circulation is bas for your health, so making sure your home has good air circulation is important. When you take time to declutter those areas you’ve been putting off for w awhile, try opening a window as you clean. Fresh air is a great way to improve air circulation and indoor air quality.

If you are seeking for proper cleaning of your home, call SERVPRO of Ventura. We understand the stress and worry. Our technicians are trained to use specialized cleaning and disposal techniques. Call us at SERVPRO of Ventura (805) 656-3911


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spooky halloween house in ventura california spooky halloween house in ventura california

Halloween is a tome for fun and spooky celebrations and activities and it can also be a time for some truly scary fire hazards. As the night nears, take simple precautions that can help ensure Halloween remains fun and fire safety.


Most costumes are categorized as toys and not clothing. Consequently these costumes do not necessarily need to adhere to the same fire safety laws as most clothing this means many fancy dress costumes can burn rapidly providing less time for the wearer to perform safety measure like the stop, drop and roll technique. Our advice is to be aware of the fabrics in the costumes you buy. Silk, cotton and wool are the safer options.


Candles are common feature of the Halloween season, they are versatile and create a sinister atmosphere . However naked flames with the utmost can. An even safer alternative is to replace your naked flames altogether with LED candles.


Even if you choose to dismiss candle altogether, decorating your house with electrical decorations can still warrant a fire hazard. Try to be systematic about how many electrical items you included in your decorations. Using too many at time could potentially overload plug sockets and cause a fire.

At SERVPRO of Ventura, we offer a range of fine safety products and services to ensure the safety of your home all year round.

If you experienced fire damage, call us at (805) 656 – 3911.


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water damaged ceiling and wall, white becoming brown water damaged ceiling and wall, white becoming brown

A plumbing leak or other water intrusion leaves you wet walls. Do wall have to removed and replaced?

A few inches of water infiltration along the floor can seep into the walls, leading to extensive water damage. Drying damp walls immediately is critical in order to avoid structural damage and mold growth. Property owners have option to dry out the walls themselves or call professional water damage restoration.

Traditional methods of restoration involved removing wet drywall material and replacing it. Today there is technology that allows SERVPRO of Ventura to save walls by drying them, which can significantly reduce restoration cost. They have an arsenal of instruments that enables them to make decisions based on facts, not history or habit and equipment and procedures to accomplish the task.

Factors to Consider and Steps Involved

When floodwater or sewage have entered the house – or when structural integrity has been compromised. IN most cases, saving a wall is possible when a skilled restorer such as SERVPRO of Ventura uses appropriate techniques.

A vapor barrier is effective in drying walls. It impedes the evaporation of moisture from walls or other materials. Removing the outer vapor barrier or perforating gloss paint expedited the drying process.

Drying can be accelerated by drilling small holes along the bottom of the walls and ventilating the small cavity, greatly reducing drying time. When drying is complete, holes are patched or covered by baseboard. The process described above is faster and less expensive than removing and replacing walls.

 If you need commercial or residential water damage repair, give us a call today. Contact SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911.